Wastewater Management

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Specialized, science led solutions for the problems wastewater managers have: sludge accumulation, nitrification, FOGs and more

Wastewater Products

Leading edge science in biological treatment for aerobic and anaerobic wastewater management. Biocatalysts, biostimulants and probiotics for individual problems including system upset, FOGs, sludge accumulation. Many products have seasonal design to address cold water conditions

We Work to Offer the Best Customer Service

Data Collection

Data collection, site visits, sampling data... we want it all

Consultation and Solution Development

Data analysis, research and consultation go into every solution we develop

Implementation and Monitoring

We ensure our clients know how to apply the product correctly and that the correct sampling data is being collected and recorded so we can analyze it and assess how well the products are working and adjust future treatments accordingly.

The Science of Wastewater Biology

Resources and research to better understand what is happening in your wastewater system or treatment plant. Information to help you get to the most effective solution, fastest.


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