Identifying and Treating Wastewater Microorganisms

A Guide to Identifying and Treating Wastewater Microorganisms

Our wastewater microorganisms database is a guide to identify what operators are looking at under the microscope, what is causing it, and provide a course of treatment when needed. We will dive into the biological process and identify the positive and negative impacts these organisms can have on wastewater plants by providing in-depth knowledge of the wastewater treatment process.

This guide will cover the environmental conditions which can lead to the presence of numerous lifeforms including bacteria, filamentous organisms, protozoa, metazoa, plants, algae, and a number of other microorganisms. It will also cover the physical characteristics of the most commonly occurring organisms, and how we use their environmental preferences to create an effective way to limit the growth of unwanted organisms while also allowing beneficial organisms to remain in wastewater systems.

If you are experiencing problems with any of these wastewater microorganisms, call a technical service rep at 1-888-757-9577 or visit ourĀ Lab Services page. We will work with you to resolve the conditions.

Filamentous Organisms