Wastewater Research Paper Library

Papers our team have researched and written

One of the most important phrases you’ll hear from us is, “science first.” We’re passionate about the science of wastewater and will always seek to understand a wastewater system from a science-led perspective.

This extends to the foundations of our products and approach. Over the years the Aquafix product line has been developed on a foundation of research and science. This isn’t mere product testing, it is about understanding the causes and systemic effects of various microorganisms, chemicals and other contaminants in wastewater.

Research topics include:

  • Nitrification
  • Sludge and BOD 
  • Enzyme design and use in anaerobic digestion
  • Fatty acid and grease removal
  • Midge fly and red worm life cycles
  • Wastewater carbon source comparisons