Accelerator 7

Nitrogen Supplement

  • Bioavailable nitrogen supplement
  • Reduce low nitrogen filaments
  • Great for industries with uniform waste streams
  • Dose Rate & Product Info


Accelerator 7 is an organic nitrogen source specifically formulated for rapid uptake by floc forming bacteria in wastewater systems with nitrogen deficiency. It also contains trace minerals and vitamins to promote floc formation.
Accelerator 7 is an excellent substitute for wastewater plants that use inorganic nitrogen sources like urea. Urea requires high dose rates and creates dissolved oxygen demand.

Poor floc caused by low nitrogen

As seen on the left, nitrogen is a key component for keeping the floc together and preventing a slimy MLSS and poor dewatering. Read more about the role of nitrogen in building floc. Accelerator 7 was developed to aid wastewater plants experiencing nitrogen deficiency.


Dose Rate

Standard Dosing

Flow Rate (Liters/Day) Initial Dose (Once per day for 30 days) Maintenance Dose (Once per day)
378, 541 L 454 grams 227 grams
1.892 MgL 2.27 Kg 1.13 Kg
3.785 MgL 4.54 Kg 2.27 Kg

Severely Low Nitrogen Dosing

Flow Rate (Liters per day) Initial Dose (Once per day for 30 days)
378, 541 L 680 grams
1.892 MgL 3.63 Kg
3.785 MgL 7.26 Kg

Product Pairings

If low dissolved oxygen filaments are present pair with OxyFresh.

Applications and Benefits

  • Controls nitrogen deficient filaments like Type 021N
  • Decreases the production of diffused EPS
  • Improves settling
  • Improves sludge dewatering
  • Safe and easy to use

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

 Accelerator 7 Product Sheet

 Accelerator 7 SDS


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