Boost N Lock

Stabilize pH in Anaerobic and Aerobic Wastewater Systems

  • Improve pH and buffering capacity
  • Blend of strong bases for higher bioavailability
  • Use in both aerobic and anaerobic systems


Boost N Lock raises the pH to neutral and, just as importantly, holds it there. Boost N Lock is a blend of the best alkalinity sources available. It contains magnesium hydroxide, hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium carbonate in specific proportions. The combination of these ingredients provides superior pH stabilization when compared to lime, soda ash, or sodium hydroxide.

Magnesium hydroxide is a great additive if the starting pH is less than 6. If this is your starting point, ask your technical rep about pricing and dosing for our pure magnesium hydroxide to get the pH adjustment process started. Boost N Lock provides buffering capacity and works to stabilize the pH. Boost N Lock can also be used to make minor increases in pH. Our technical team can advise on pH adjustments.

The Science

Boost N Lock was developed because customers consistently asked for the easiest and safest means of stabilizing pH. The combination of hydroxide, carbonate, and bicarbonate alkalinity, combined with beneficial cations calcium and magnesium makes this an ideal choice.

Methods of raising the pH tend to be more straightforward while stabilizing the pH is a larger challenge for most wastewater operators. This product will buffer water in a way the individual ingredients cannot. This unique blend is excellent at buffering the pH efficiently and safely and is great for modest pH adjustments.

Boost N lock is recommended when the pH is 6.0 or higher and the customer wants to get into a pH 7.0 to 8.0 range. When the pH is lower than 6.0 we recommend our high-purity magnesium hydroxide product to get the pH up into the 6 range and then our Boost N Lock to stabilize and hold the pH. In these low pH, magnesium hydroxide has high solubility and as the pH goes higher the solubility decreases and it forms sludge. For this reason, Boost N Lock only contains a small amount of magnesium hydroxide which allows us to get the benefits of the product without creating sludge at high pH.

Aerobic Wastewater Processes and Calcium/Magnesium Bridging to Improve Floc Formation

In addition to being effective at maintaining a balanced pH, Boost N Lock contains high levels of calcium and magnesium which have demonstrated an ability to improve floc formation by improving calcium/magnesium bridging. Higher levels of the cations calcium and magnesium alter the surface charge of EPS (exocellular polysaccharides) in a way that provides more consistent floc formation. Typically, this means the higher the ratio of calcium and magnesium to sodium and potassium the better the floc formation.

Raising the pH in an Anaerobic Digester

Increasing the pH in an anaerobic digester can be difficult for several reasons:

  • Typically, inexpensive methods, such as hydrated lime, are insoluble which lead to excess sludge accumulation in a digester.
  • Lime sludge interferes with mixing and reduces digester capacity which can lead to extra hauling and reduced methane generation.
  • Sodium hydroxide is soluble and can increase pH quickly, but is hazardous and has a risk of overshooting the pH.
  • Baking soda would be a good option due to its high solubility and excellent buffering capacity, but tends to require high volumes to adjust the pH in a digester effectively and can lead to sodium toxicity.

For these reasons we recommend first adjusting the pH of the digester in question with our high-purity magnesium hydroxide to pH 6-7, then using Boost N Lock to bring the pH in the 7s to promote stability. Boost N Lock can then be used as a low-dose maintenance tool to maintain good alkalinity, preventing future digester upsets.

Dose Rate

Applications and Benefits

  • Works in anaerobic digesters and aerobic wastewater plants
  • Alkalinity sources prevent pH drops and neutralize acidity
  • More soluble than lime
  • Longer lasting results than caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)
  • Excellent buffering capacity
  • Dramatically lower dose rates than either ingredient individually
  • Produces a minimum of excess sludge
  • Good at raising the pH when it is 6.0 or higher
  • Safe for the biology and the user
  • Lower in sodium than straight soda ash or sodium bicarbonate
  • Calcium and magnesium can aid in intra-floc bridging

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

Boost N Lock Product Sheet

Boost N Lock SDS

Boost N Lock Titration Info Sheet


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