DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener

Wastewater Odor Control

  • Breaks down the odorous molecules
  • Not a masking agent
  • Can be meterted in
  • Completely natural
  • Plant based essential oils


DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener reacts with common wastewater odors and breaks them down in a fundamental way. This product is a blend of essential oils (plant extracts) that binds with volatile malodorous compounds and breaks them down, in an irreversible reaction.

DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener works on sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia, septic, and volatile fatty acid odors. This product is not a perfume or masking agent; instead, it neutralizes the molecules responsible for the odor.

This product is non-toxic and formulated specifically for use in biological wastewater systems.

Dose Rate

DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener in Collection Systems

Flow Rate (liters/day) Initial Dose (Once/day for 10 days) Maintenance Dose
378,500 LPD 1.89 L .95 L
1.89 Megalitres per day 7.57 L 3.79 L
3.75 Megalitres per day 15.14 L 7.57 L

Product Pairings

Pair with OxyFresh to stop low DO odors at the source.

Pair with De-Sulph-A-Nator to stop H2S formation while combatting odors.

Applications and Benefits

  • Sewer lines
  • Collection systems
  • Lift stations
  • Drain lines
  • Improves relations with neighbors
  • Will not harm any process

Case Studies

City Receiving Odor Complaints


A 3 MGD Texas wastewater treatment plant received numerous neighboring complaints about odors. This operator used multiple odor masking agents from Jan-San and wastewater supply companies with little success. The operators were looking for options that would neutralize the sewer odors instead of just mixing with them.


The operator periodically metered 3-4 gallons per day of DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener (1-1.5 gal per million gallons).


Instead of just mixing with the odors, DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener completely encapsulated them, leaving a pleasant sweet aroma the neighbors enjoyed. The neighbors were so happy, the plant continues metering DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener every day.

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener Product Sheet

DAZZeL Sewer Sweetenert SDS

2 reviews for DAZZeL Sewer Sweetener

  1. Robert L. (PA)

    It just works!

  2. David M. (ID)

    Highly recommend to anyone

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