Microscopic – Test Kit

Solutions-Based Microscopic Testing

  • Identification of major and minor filaments
  • Precise explanation of filament presence and origin
  • Overview of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations
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Have a problem with toxicity, foaming, or filaments? Have mysterious algae forming or lost nitrification? Has previous wastewater testing not told you why issues were occurring?

Aquafix offers three different levels of wastewater testing to provide the right solution. We send out a test kit with everything you need. We cover the shipping, you just handle the lab fee

What's Included in the Test Kit?

  • One cooler
  • Sample bottles
  • Complete sample retrieval instructions
  • Sample analysis form

What's Included in Microanalysis & Filament Origins Report?

  • A review of major and minor filaments plus subspecies with Gram and Neisser staining
  • Testing of EPS sliming
  • Precise explanation of filaments and their presence and origin
  • Analysis of protozoa and metazoa in the system
  • Analysis of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations
  • Results returned by e-mail and hard copy
  • 3-4 day turnaround

What’s Included in the Proactive Microanalysis Program?

  • 4 Microanalysis and Filament Origin tests, use at your own pace
  • Spot potential problems before they become a major issue
  • Filament ID, EPS sliming, floc structure, oxygen penetration, and more
  • Helpful recommendations to improve biology function and optimize treatment plant
  • Get a clearer picture of how your plant conditions evolve over time


  • Full understanding of what is in your water, mixed liquor, and effluent
  • Exact type of filaments and their origin
  • Full understanding of what is causing loss in nitrification
  • Full treatment recommendations from our in-house microbiologists

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

🗎 Microanalysis & Filament Origins Product Sheet
🗎 Sample Lab Report
🗎 Proactive Testing Sample Lab Report


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