The Only Balanced Wastewater Food Supplement for Low F:M Ratios

  • Balanced blend of nutrients to promote flocculation and improve settling
  • Better performance compared to dog food and glycerin
  • Great for systems with low or intermittent loading
  • Lowers effluent BOD, TSS, ammonia, and phosphorous while reducing bulking


SmartBOD is an advanced carbon source that provides the building blocks for biological life. This product offers a cost-effective solution for chronic issues related to low food and flows that are too low for the plant design. SmartBOD contains bioavailable amino acids, complex proteins, carbohydrates, and micronutrients that bacteria in biological wastewater processes require in order to build floc and effectively remove nutrients.

Wastewater plants fed with SmartBOD have better-settling properties and produce clearer effluent than plants fed with other carbon supplements. Also, plants with a history of low F:M filaments, like Type 1851 and Type 0041/0675, become less prone to filament outbreaks.


Food supplement products like dog food and chicken feed have traditionally been used to bolster BOD. These foods contain higher levels of fats and phosphorus than are beneficial to wastewater bacteria. They also contain high levels of inert solids which will accumulate in a wastewater treatment system and trap organic matter, leading to low DO conditions.

Crude glycerin and molasses provide a food supplement in the form of sugar. While they can grow a population of bacteria quickly, they are not well equipped to digest anything other than sugar and provide little benefits digesting common municipal or industrial BOD. In fact, sugar based additives typically result in a cloudy effluent and polysaccharide slime.

The human body cannot run on sugar alone and neither can a wastewater treatment plant. Traditional food supplements may offer a source of fuel, but they lack the nutrient balance and floc building components wastewater bacteria need. SmartBOD is a complete source of fuel to improve your biology at a significantly lower dosage than sources like dog and chicken feed or a source of sugar.

Dose Rate

 Standard Dose – Improve Settling, Get Rid of Filaments

Water Temperature above 15℃

13.6 Kg per 3.785 MgL, once per day
Water Temperature below 15℃ 6.8 Kg per 3.785 MgL, once per day

Super Dose – To Quickly Grow New Mixed Liquor

New Plant Start Up or Severely Low F:M

22-45 Kg per 3.785 MgL, once per day

Product Pairings

Use ReBuild to combat low F:M by building better floc.

Applications and Benefits

  • Aeration basin
  • Boosts health of bacteria population
  • Proven to outperform glycerin and dog food
  • Also helps new plants start up
  • Improves floc formation and settling characteristics
  • Better BOD and nutrient removal

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

SmartBOD Product Sheet
SmartBOD Comparison with Molasses and Dog Food by UW-Stevens Point
SmartBOD Comparison with Glycerin by
Wastewater by UW-Stevens Point

2 reviews for SmartBOD

  1. James L. (ID)

    We are a small wastewater plant out of Harrison ID. Aquafix works great for maintaining our aerobic digestion when we are out of season, as this is a resort town. It enables us to maintain our Total Suspended Solids maintaining it to be available for the season when it does hit. Another advantage to it is it does not promote grease build up, like dog food would. With the addition of the “bugs’ ‘ it helps us also maintain the population in both the aerobic and anaerobic areas of the digester.

  2. Josh L (CO)

    Quick-Zyme L, Smart BOD, and ReBuild have helped our plant recover and run great through start up and shock while jetting lines. Operation of two SBRs is needed to accommodate the volume of decant from the digester. We run on the low end of the F:M ratio and these products help with that also.

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