Improve Methane Gas Generation in Anaerobic Systems with Bioavailable Nutrients

  • Consistent application of micronutrients support methane forming archaea and boost methane production
  • Better overall outcomes including:
    • Consistent volatile solids conversion
    • Healthier, robust population of methanogenic archaea
    • Better quality biogas production
  • Uses 10 soluble micronutrients to improve conversion of acetate into methane gas
  • Can be custom formulated – ask us!
  • Ships non-hazard

ACC Wastewater is a member of BioGas Canada


BioGas1 contains a blend of 10 bioavailable micronutrients that are specifically designed to improve anaerobic digester performance and methane production. 

The spectrum of micronutrients in BioGas1 provides the soluble trace elements needed to optimize gas production. The balance of its soluble trace elements is the result of almost a decade of research and field applications from the Aquafix Laboratories and can offer a superior bioavailability. 

The result is improved volatile solids conversion, a healthier population of methanogenic archaea, and a better quality of biogas production. This product is backed by complete technical and laboratory services for all customers.

For an in-depth analysis on your digester’s trace elements, talk to your technical rep for information on our soluble micronutrient analysis.

Dose Rate

 Initial Loading Dose

Tank Volume Dose Rate (One time)
37, 854 L 1.9 L
189, 270 L 9.5 L
378, 540 L 18.9 L

Maintenance Dose

Flow Rate (Liters per day) Dose Rate (Once per week)
37, 854 L 1.9 L
189, 270 L 9.5 L
378, 540 L 18.9 L

Product Pairings

If your digester has a low starting pH, bring it above 6 by starting with Boost N Lock.

Experiencing inconsistent or inadequate loading? Pair with Anaerobic Food Supplement.

Applications and Benefits

  • Complete mixed anaerobic digesters
  • Covered lagoons
  • CSTRs
  • UASBs
  • Provides essential trace elements for methanogenic bacteria
  • Improves methane production
  • Better digestion, less disposal
  • Prevents digesters from going sour
  • Restores stability
  • Stops foaming
  • Works well for food and brewery industries

Case Studies

Corn Processing Plant & BioGas1

Anaerobic Digestor Methane Before & After


A corn processing plant in Illinois lost methane production from their 500,000 gallon mesophilic anaerobic digester. As production increased, their methanogens couldn’t keep up. This caused COD levels as well as fats, oils, and grease to rise in the supernate. This also contributed to upsets in the adjacent aeration process.


They initially added 5 gallons of Aquafix’s BioGas1 to jump start. Then dropped to 1 quart per day there on after.


Within two weeks their digester produced a yellow flame, and in another two weeks it was back to a healthy blue with lower outgoing COD and FOG. The methane production rose and contaminant levels decrease, leaving the plant fully functional.

 Digester Foam & Methane Loss



A municipal wastewater treatment plant in Kansas called with an anaerobic digester overflowing with foam.  This digester has produced minimal methane for over two years, and within a week of the foaming issue, lost all methane production.


The plant first sent Aquafix samples of the foam and mixed liquor and our lab identified the disruptive filaments.  The plant then added our Foam Buster at the aeration basin along with BioGas1 in the anaerobic digester.


Within two weeks the digester stopped foaming and started producing the best methane it ever has.

Product Resources

PDF Downloads: Product info, SDS, and white papers

BioGas1 Product Sheet

BioGas1 SDS

2 reviews for BioGas1

  1. Tige W (IN)

    This stuff is great. After adding Biogas1 everyday to our reception pit our anaerobic digester should a healthier overall digester. Gas production increased as well making our whole operation more efficient.

  2. Todd J (VA)

    We were having problems with low solids after opening an extra oxidation ditch ring so we added this product. Easy to use and seemed to add slightly to the solids concentration. We may try again soon after a microbiological exam.

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